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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Poem For Venus

VENUS (The Ultimate Femme-Fatale)

A Planet of Mystery
Earth's Sister
The morning star
Like a woman
An enigma, alluring
Veiled under a yellow cloud
If we lift the veil
A Planet of Women
Is revealed:
A vast plateau to the north
Is called Ishtar Terra
(The Babylonian Goddess of Love,
Fertility and Regeneration)
This is Ishtar's Reign
Another landmass is named
(Greek Goddess of Sensual Love)
A Caldera is entitled Eve
A Monte; Rhea
After the Wife of Saturn
A Chasma is named Diana
(Goddess of the Hunt and
The Moon)
Like any woman
Is unique and independent
Goddesses are a minority among Gods
She also revolves around The Sun
In her own way : retrograde
The Ultimate Femme-Fatale
Of Dawn and Dusk Skies
Her Beautiful and Mysterious atmosphere
Is a death trap
Of sulfuric acid,
carbon dioxide, neon
and argon nitrogen
Droplets of sulfuric acid
Continuously rain
In a thick atmosphere
With an air pressure of 90 times
That of Earth
She crushes the
Probes that
Are sent to her
Broken like Cupid's arrows.

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