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Monday, November 7, 2011


Origin of Name : [Roman] After the ancient Italian Goddess of spring and vegetation. The Romans later identified her with the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite; The Goddess of erotic and sensual love, also beauty. Aphrodite presided over, "rapture, embraces and caresses, wherever she walked, flowers sprang up and sparrows and doves flew about her." - Hesiod
aka : Aphrodite [Greek]
Symbol : (see insert) this symbol also is the symbol for Women
Sex : F, Planet No. : 2, Mean Dis : 108,200,000km, 67,200,000miles, A.U. : .72, Range : .72-.73 A.U., Dia : 12,108km 7,523miles, Comp : nickel-iron, silicates, Color : yellow, creamy-yellow, Mass* : .81, Gravity* : .91, Length of Rotation : 5,831 hours ( 243 days : Venus' days are longer than her year.) Length of Revolution : 224.7 days (@ a speed of 35km per sec) Atmosphere : thick CO2 (97%) H2 SO4 (Sulphuric acid clouds) plus small amounts of neon and argon nitrogen, Temp : 460 C (865 F) Day, Discovery : known since early Sumerian and Babylonian astrologers., Exploration : (see additional blog), Light/Time Dis : 6.01 min
*(that of Earth)

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